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Cincinnati Museum Center is committed to being your partner in supporting the full potential of every child! We have also designed the GIRLS Program to support girls who are interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math).


What is STEM?

STEM is an acronym for the words science, technology, engineering and math – but it means more than just those single subjects. STEM is a new and complete approach to science and math-related subjects and careers that emphasize critical thinking, problem-solving and creativity. Not only does this approach better prepare students for jobs and careers, it is also more interesting to students because they can see how STEM is relevant to them in the real world and that they can be creative and express themselves with science and math.


Why is there a program especially for girls?

Women make up almost half of our current workforce, but less than a third of all jobs in STEM are held by women! Studies have shown that women make the decision that “science is not for me” at a very young age – as young as the 4th or 5th grade. But studies have also shown that girls don’t make this decision because they are not good at science or because they don’t like science.  Young women make this decision because they don’t believe that science is for girls and since they don’t have enough exposure to role models or experiences in STEM there is no one to encourage them to think differently. We designed the GIRLS Program to help girls see themselves as future STEM professionals and to help them prepare for those careers. Interested in more facts about girls interest in STEM? Check out our one-page fact sheet available for download.


What does the GIRLS Program do?

The GIRLS Program is designed to do six things:

(1) counter stereotypes and negative impressions about women in science by creating a program that specifically says “girls belong in STEM”

(2) expose program participants to authentic STEM experiences

(3) include a broad variety of experiences in a free-choice learning environment, so participants can explore the many different types of skills and careers included in STEM at their own pace

(4) include specific strategies and outreach to support African American and Hispanic girls who historically have the least amount of exposure to STEM fields and role models

(5) create a supportive and encouraging environment for all participants, allowing them to solve problems, make mistakes and succeed as they reinforce their confidence and interest in STEM

(6) expose participants to career STEM women through meet-and-greets, newsletter profiles, and museum talks


What does the program cost?

The GIRLS Program is free to join! The event list includes a variety of paid and free experiences, some that require museum admission and some that do not. Cincinnati Museum Members can participate in any activities that require museum admission without paying admission fees. Cincinnati Museum Center is committed to supporting all of the girls in our community and we have created this program to be as accessible to all of the girls in our community as possible. Please see event listings for details.


Can I sign up more than one girl at a time? Can I sign up a class?

Absolutely! We encourage sign-ups among siblings, best friends and even entire classrooms! Each girl must sign up for her own ID and account. Teachers: Please contact us about signing up your whole class! We can help you include the program in your curriculum, use it as extra credit, or design field trips to specifically incorporate elements of the G.I.R.L.S. Program. Contact us at

For more information contact us at


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